THE PROBLEM:  Online predators are after your child
  What can you do to stop your child from being solicited?
  THE SOLUTION: Safe Chat with Parental Controls
  Take control & protect your children online

Who's chatting with your child?
Law enforcement officials estimate that 50,000 predators are online at any given moment.

Your child’s safety is worth...?
NBC Dateline – To Catch a Predator, this 3-part series provides a chilling look at how easy it is for predators to find your child. These sexual predators are shown to come from all walks of life and all social and economic backgrounds. They do not discriminate on race or gender and they target children from as young as 6 years up to 17 years old.

How many will become victims?
High speed internet  access allowed even more children to be exposed. 1 in 5 children aged from 10 to 17 has received a sexual solicitation over the internet.

When is enough, enough?
Can you afford to sit by and do nothing?

Act now, before it's too late.

  You approve who can chat with your child
Password protected controls put YOU in charge
Block Messengers
Prevent other messengers from being used
Block Sites
Stop web based chat sites
Block Keywords
Mask out foul language
Alert Notices
Receive email status alerts!
  Access hours control  
  You set the hours when your children are allowed to chat!

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